PowerShell – Finding all Disabled users in AD

Need to find all the disabled users in your AD? it’s odd that the built in AD Tools do not have this option. PowerShell to the rescue!

All these commands are documented in the Microsoft Get-ADUser cmdlet. I’ve added some additional types of output with out-gridview and CSV.

Finds all the disabled users in AD.

Get-ADUser -Filter {Enabled -eq $false}

Finds all and outputs to a gridview for editing (but you need excel)

Get-ADUser -Filter {Enabled -eq $false} | Out-GridView

Finds all disabled users and outputs to a CSV file. This exports ALL the readily available attributes.

Get-ADUser -Filter {Enabled -eq $false} | export-csv "C:\users\Administrator\Desktop\disabled_ADusers.csv"

Finds all the disabled users by specific property and selects the objects and outputs them

Get-ADUser -Filter {Enabled -eq $false} -properties SamAccountName,mail | Select-Object SamAccountName,mail | Out-GridView

Finds all the disabled users, looks a properties that aren’t readily available like email, export to a CSV file

For some reason, you can’t search by mail address outright or have it display, you have to select it, then show it with that select-object command

Get-ADUser -Filter {Enabled -eq $False} -Properties SamAccountName,mail | Select-object SamAccountName,mail| export-csv "C:\Path_to_CSV.csv"

Or you can use variables to clean up the code:

$SamAcc = "SamAccountName"
$Desc = "Description"
$mail = "mail"
$title = "title"
$CSVpath = "C:\Path_to_CSV.csv"

Get-ADUser -Filter {Enabled -eq $False} -Properties $SamAcc,$mail | Select-object $SamAcc,$mail| export-csv $CSVpath
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